Ellie and Miri

Meet Miri and Ellie

Co-Founders of The Landing



Our co-founder and CEO, Ellie Buckingham, has always moved seamlessly from right brain to left brain, creative to strategic. As an undergrad at Dartmouth, Ellie double-majored in Economics and Studio Art. Right out of college, she spent her days on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs and her nights in her painting studio (which conveniently doubled as her tiny, New York City apartment’s kitchen).

As the daughter of an architect, Ellie has always been fascinated by how spaces affect people — a question that she more seriously started exploring when she left New York for Stanford Business School in 2017.



Our co-founder and COO, Miri Buckland, has always had a love of tackling complex problems, creating experiences, and building systems. As an undergraduate at Oxford, Miri studied Economics and became interested in how businesses have impact, not just through practical products, but through experiences and content that bring joy into a customer’s everyday life.

After a few years in corporate media, she moved across the pond with the intention to explore start-up environments and found herself at Stanford.

Ellie, meet Miri - Miri, meet Ellie

In September 2017, the two met on a business school roadtrip to Southern California, where they became fast friends and Miri, notably, had her first In-N-Out burger. Back and forth on the long drive, Ellie and Miri began discussing the process of moving and furnishing their rooms.

Miri was the perennial mover: a customer in need. Ellie was the quintessential advice giver: the go-to “design-y best friend.” As they traded stories and pain points, they quickly found themselves trying to figure out a better way to furnish and design space: the idea that would then become (the first iteration of) The Landing, was born.

Ellie and Miri

Meet (the first) The Landing:

Within months, Ellie and Miri found themselves diving into the customer problem, both in and out of the classroom.

Days working together quickly turned into weeks, then months, and the two found complementary skill sets, Ellie’s creative thinking combined with Miri’s systems-orientation, and similar values: eternal optimism, grit, EQ over ego, and making empathetic team building a priority.

In the summer of 2019, The Landing launch a beta in San Francisco, where Ellie and Miri ran the end-to-end furnishing process, from designing customers’ spaces to literally building and moving over 200 pieces of furniture.

A few months and a few new employees later, The Landing was ready to launch to everyone in the spring of 2020.

The Landing, meet The Pandemic:

Come spring 2020, Ellie, Miri and the team found themselves a couple of months away from the launch of The Landing, a new one-stop-shop to design, furnish, and set-up your home.

With twenty inspiring brands onboard, from Floyd Detroit to Revival Rugs, they were setting up the operations needed to order, fulfill, and physically move-in customers to their homes across the United States.

Needless to say, 2020 didn't go as planned.

The landing tool

Evolving our Vision of #CreatingSpace

The Landing officially launched in July 2020, as a place to design and furnish your dream space online. While deliveries were on pause, our vision for an intuitive place to create on the internet was not. In the months that followed, the team explored, designed, and tested the vision of #CreatingSpace. While they were no longer physically: moving customers into their homes, the original spirit of The Landing remained: enabling and empowering your creativity.

Your corner of the internet

Today, we're so excited to introduce you to The Landing: a digital space for visual curation. Our mission is to empower diverse creative expression. Take the breadth of what inspires you and use our flexible tools to design your own corner of the internet - and easily explore others. Connect over everything from abstract visions to real-life plans, saved products to whole vibes. Come capture every angle of your creativity in our visual playground.

We've had quite the journey and can't wait for what's next - and are always looking for passionate, empathetic, and joy-driven teammates to come build with us. To learn more about our team, check out our team profile page and our mission and values.

We look forward to #CreatingSpace with you!

Ellie and Miri

Co-founders of The Landing

Our Values

The Landing is a digital space for visual curation.

When we say “creating space, together” we truly mean that creativity and design are collaborative processes. Personal, yes, but not lonely. We built The Landing to help us find community through the design experience.

The 5 values outlined below are central to everything that we do - internally, and externally. At The Landing, we are dedicated to living and breathing what we stand for, both at our HQ, and at every touchpoint that you - as a customer - interact with us, our platform, and our product offerings.

We hope that these values resonate with you, and inspire you to go out and create some space in your life for creativity, joy, empathy, and to continue to work towards building a more sustainable, diverse, and inclusive future. To read more, visit The Landing's Commitment to Racial Equity.

Empower excellence with empathy

We empower our customers’ creativity through our design tool and support team. We foster a culture of professional development to empower our team, while holding ourselves to the highest standards across everything that we do.

Diverse spaces are creative spaces

At The Landing, we create space for diverse perspectives. We value diversity in our partners, team, and ways we operate as a team for many reasons, including that it builds a flywheel of creativity.

Create space for joy

We believe that life is too short for sh**ty people and bad attitudes. Our design tool is FUN! Whether you find moments of joy in the process of designing collaboratively, the thrill of discovering a new piece of inspiration, or the freedom that comes from self-expression without constraints, The Landing has something for you. Internally, we make space for celebrating each other and creating joy as a team.

Build for long-term sustainability

We empower our customers’ creativity through our design tool and support team. We foster a culture of professional development to empower our team, while holding ourselves to the highest standards across everything that we do.

Do, share, listen, and learn

Our team is action oriented, and highly focused on collaboration. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing, so we are committed to empowering our customers and employees to take initiative, go for it, and make it happen - whether that’s creating a dream design on our platform, or learning a new skill.

In The Press

"Today, [The Landing] is going online as a product discovery platform that is social, experiential and creator-led via fully shoppable moodboards." (Crunchbase)
"The Landing is launching with $2.5 million in financing, in a round led by Aileen Lee at Cowboy Ventures. Lee will be taking a board seat." (TechCrunch)
“The Landing gives homeowners the tools they need to turn their house into a fully-furnished home without having to hire an interior designer”